#CaptivityContent --Framing the view

If home is where our hearts are, then our beds are where our heads lay. Our mouths in our kitchens, our feet in our showers, hands in our gardens....and our eyes gazing out our windows.

What is next? We reflect on reality and our future as we wait for our worlds to expand again. For this topic, it’s not specifically about the window. The window mediates the view. It’s about VIEWER and the FRAME they find themselves in or out of. External worlds and internal worlds meet there and heighten our perceptions.


In my neighborhood, we see and hear everything from the inside of our homes. Our bodies are all separate from each other yet the bodies of our homes are connected; we all share our walls with one another. Additionally, in our backyards, we all share fences with one another. In these times, this brings a sense of intimacy and connection to our little Navajo neighborhood. 





By Molly Hirsch




The window from my room that I look at may not have the perfect view. The tree in the foreground is a giant and beautiful tree that both me and my housemate whose window is also connected to this side of the house appreciate, but aside from that there is not much to see. I would say that this window connects us to our neighbors but all of us combined mostly always have it closed, we are all in our private corners. But to say that this isn't my favorite window, it would be a lie. it is definitely a useful window, it's positioning with my desk aligned for a perfect cool breeze as well as refreshing. Also, it is not close to any trees so if I leave the window open my cat can't get out. This window I been also able to use to dry items that were not able to completely get dry by the machine. Sometimes for a window, we want a perfect view, but on sight, a perfect view might not mean perfect use, and that's what matters most to me in the end. 



By Miguel Moreno


This is a music video I am making about the feeling of yearning in love. In this time of Coronavirus, there is so much more to yearn for when we look out the window. A world beyond. I see love in this cruel way. A place beyond. A place to yearn for.



By Noah Namgoong



Can you see the Heart?

Can you see the Heart?

I understand that these window security bars are purposed for home security — helping me feel comfortable within my own room. Yet, with the gated design of these window bars, I honestly think of the bars on a jail cell. Considering that we are on lockdown, I feel like I am in jail. Inside a jail of anticipation and fear. Like a real prison cell window guarded with iron bars, I am exposed to the outside world while I remain trapped inside…

…But then I discovered a hidden shape on these security bars. There is a huge heart design towards the middle of the window bars! I was super fixated on the idea of “imprisonment” that I never even realized that there was a heart on the window bar — as if it’s calling out to me!



By Daniel Bandian



noun [ C ]

US/ˈreɪn.meɪ.kɚ/ UK     /ˈreɪn.meɪ.kər/

rainmaker noun [C] (CAUSING RAIN)

something or someone that causes rain to fall:

a person who is believed to have a magical power to bring and control rain:


Soumyaa 2.jpg

By Soumyaa Behrens




By Erik Kramer