Essential Stories Film Festival: REGISTER for Artist Convening Nov 19th 10 AM to 12 PM (PST)


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EVENT DATE: Films Play All Day NOVEMBER 18-19 with a Discussion on November 19th from 10 AM to 12 PM

The DocFilm Institute at San Francisco State University invites you to our “Essential Stories” Film Festival happening on NOV 18th and 19th. As part of our annual Pluralities conference in 2020, we will explore the “essential perspectives” from a line-up of filmmakers documenting their experiences of this new, 2020 reality — one that is influenced by COVID-19 as well as various social justice movements. Essential perspectives are those that are unique to one's position and circumstance in society and the current environment. 

We encourage you to join us for a live, virtual discussion happening on Thursday, November 19 from 10 AM-12 PM as we’ll have a Q&A session with our finalists as we announce various awards. Throughout the entire duration of our program, all films from the selected recipients and finalists will be available for on-demand viewing.

Program details and registration information are available here. Attendance is FREE.



  1. 14 Exquisite Angels

  2. A Garden For George

  3. About Gaining Weight during Quarantine

  4. Black Lives Matter

  5. Creativity Stays Home

  6. Cuando Todos Pueden Quedarse En Casa Menos Tú

  7. Day After Day

  8. Egg and Rice

  9. Elinor Carucci: Survival Mode

  10. Homeland - Ilê

  11. If Not Now, Then When?

  12. Kid On A Leash

  13. Masks For Masc

  14. Momentos

  15. Rainbow Windows

  16. The Second Time I Got to Know my Dog

  17. The Voice of the Voiceless


  1. Ana Luísa & Catarina Branco

  2. Marcello J. Hutchinson-Trujillo

  3. Daniel Vidaurri

  4. Ashna Sharan

  5. Cameron Rogers & Kenny Wooten

  6. Alberto Báez

  7. Abby Riveros

  8. Mark Tom Nava

  9. Sam Vladimirsky

  10. Brenda Ligia Miguel

  11. Kyle Bastin

  12. Eline Mollet

  13. Patrick J. Reilly

  14. Pedro R. Oberto

  15. Christina Katsiadakis

  16. Kyle Scoble

  17. Dalton Tokarczyk


Selected Recipients


  1. Why

  2. Attention at Tension

  3. Quarantine

  4. A Prayer

  5. Vital Connections

  6. ComVida-20

  7. Presidential

  8. From the window

  9. Homecoming

  10. Sacrifice

  11. Reexist

  12. COVID-19 | OUR STORY

  13. Street-cleaner is not Anti-virus

  14. The Last Supper / Son Akşam Yemeği

  15. Chinese Girl Wants Vote

  16. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

  17. The Dairy of Diurnal life

  18. NYC, Beloved

  19. Red Zones [Episodes 1-4]


  1. Nuno Barreto

  2. Azalia Muchransyah

  3. Uttarayan Deb

  4. Ishita Mili

  5. Angel David Hurtado Orozco

  6. Ana Cavazzana

  7. Clément Vincent

  8. Anzhelika Grigorieva

  9. Matthew Toothill

  10. Vipassi Calabro

  11. Rodrigo Campos & Lethicia Galo

  12. Patrick Shepherd

  13. Saeed Karimi

  14. Selinay Güneş

  15. Jinna Kim

  16. Edmond Demeter

  17. Rhitwick Mondal

  18. Zorinah Juan

  19. Luca Vullo