November 6 & 7 - Pluralities Fall 2018 Conference and Call for Entries

Friday, September 14, 2018

At our 2018 conference we will address themes such as spaces, places and belonging, not limited to, public space, space of the real, access to spaces (literal and figurative), relationship of race and gender to space, exhibition spaces, virtual spaces, funding spaces, accessibility, space of social platforms, boundaries and borders, conflict over borders, expanding boundaries, globalism versus nationalism, are some spaces only for some people, safe spaces, patrolled spaces, surveillance, should all spaces be diversified, should we have communities that only allow certain people access?


Jules will present his newest film, Paternal Rites, and give workshops and talks during the conference event. This film marks a decided shift in his oeuvre to considerations of the body and how trauma and seeing are intermingled.

Interactive and participatory media artist Sharon Daniel (University of California, Santa Cruz) will present on Collaborative, interactive and participatory multi-media documentary.

Visiting SF State Faculty writer-musician-producer Greg Tate will be joining us for a presentation and discussion. 

Additional panels will include:

  • Case Study: Survivors, filmmakers/producers Anna Fitch and Banker White, additional panelists TBA
  • Beyond inclusivity, new trends in documentary funding, panel discussion, Marc Smolowitz, additional guests TBA
  • more to be announced soon!

We welcome both academic and industry submissions as well as installations and alternative presentation formats.

Submissions will be considered for inclusion in Pluralities: Volume 2 and our Fall Conference, scheduled for November 6 & 7, 2018.

For conference and journal consideration submissions are due by September 30, 2018

For journal submissions only please submit by November 1, 2018

Please follow this secure link for submission or send your entry to the journal editor soumyaa [at]