Volume Two Available Now: Spaces, Places, Belonging

Volume Two: Spaces Places Belonging

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

― Marshall McLuhan

As we navigate our greater worlds, those around us and those inside us, the need for collective reorganization and recreation of those spaces becomes clear. This volume explores efforts to do just that. From without and within, these essays examine ways people are navigating “spaceship earth” as more than an individual, as part of a larger hope to gain understanding of an unknown future. Some failed, some succeed and some continue to try. The journal has taken a broad view to understanding how stories are told in the world and included traditional academic essays, projects that expand on the idea of the relationship between medias and spaces, text paired with collected videos from the larger online open narrative and an extensive case study on the rise and fall of a seminal SF Bay Area arts organization. Contributors include: Jules Rosskam, Sharon Daniel, Laura Chipley, Samara Smith, Rachel Stevens, Alina Predescu, Jennifer Arin, Sirin Erensoy and Mark Freeman.

-Soumyaa Behrens

Volume One Available Now: EXPANDING NONFICTION

Inaugural volume: Expanding Nonfiction

We were able to gather the voices of many nonfiction scholars, makers and distributors at our first conference in the Fall of 2017. At this conference we had countless engaging and collaborative guest speakers that showed their own content and wrestled with the expanding spaces of documentary media. 


Contributors to Volume One include:

By Edwin Martinez


by Aaron Hunter


by Emily Beitiks


by Kim Nelson


Cacao Stories Image

by John Drew & Aaron Dickinson Sachs


De-Gentrifying Doc Image

by Harjant Gill


Whether you Win or Lose Image

by Rob Nelson