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Love Boat: Taiwan image

Love Boat: Taiwan - Festival Announcements

DocFilm is a proud supporter of Valerie Soe (SF State Asian American Studies Professor) and her new film, 

"Motherload" - DOCLANDS promo photo

Indie Review alum, "Motherload" premieres at DOCLANDS

DocFIlm is excited to announce the premiere of “Motherload” at this year’s DocLands Documentary Film Festival. The film is screening in the “Art of Impact” group.

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It is not unusual for me to hear the common refrain from a doc filmmaker that they default to a “verite” approach because they really don’t want to do anything but be a “fly-on-the-wall” so as not...

Welcome to 2019. So glad we made it.

This year brings an opportunity to rethink the way we are imagining the realm and possibility of nonfiction media making. In consideration of new...

The Documentary Film Institute launched a new venture last year intended to shake up the worlds of nonfiction, documentary, expanded media and everything in between. Pluralities’ is a project that...