Students, professional filmmakers, SF State faculty and the greater Bay Area community benefit from the plethora of resources the Institute provides. DocFilm supports projects in all phases of production that provide a deeper introspection of a wide range of sociocultural topics that support the charter of DocFilm and SF State’s mission.

Madame Mars

Madame Mars logo

DocFilm is delighted to announce their partnership with the Madame Mars team. DocFilm has been happy to provide the Madame Mars team with production support.

Madame Mars is a transmedia documentary tracing the long and arduous path women have taken in their efforts to explore Mars and worlds beyond. Our vision: to inspire young women and girls to pursue careers and opportunities in the space sciences. Madame Mars is creating an interactive experience with a living laboratory of women working in space exploration which will inspire participation and exploration of Mars and world beyond.

Abina and the Important Men

Abina and the Important men movie image

The first of its kind, Abina and the Important Men is a compelling and powerfully illustrated "graphic history" based on an 1876 court transcript of a West African woman named Abina, who was wrongfully enslaved and took her case to court. The book is a microhistory that does much more than simply depict an event in the past; it uses the power of illustration to convey important themes in world history and to reveal the processes by which history is made.

Love Boat Taiwan

Love Boat Taiwan

DocFilm is delighted to announce their partnership with SF State Asian American Studies Professor Valerie Soe as she works on her new film, Love Boat Taiwan.

Con Moto: The Alexander String Quartet

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Con Moto follows the Alexander String Quartet performing throughout Poland. It reveals the tradition of chamber music and the collective voice that emerges through the unique personalities of these four world-class musicians.

Out Run

Out Run movie image

Out Run is a feature documentary by S. Leo Chiang and Johnny Symons. Mobilizing working-class transgender hairdressers and beauty queens, the dynamic leaders of the world’s only LGBT political party wage a historic quest to elect a trans woman to the Philippine Congress.

Veteran Documentary Corps

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Veteran's Documentary Corps was founded in 2011 by Dr. Daniel Bernardi, an Iraq War Veteran and cinema scholar. Each VDC documentary features one veteran and is produced and directed by professional filmmakers. Veterans participate in the editing process and stories come from all areas of service, wars and nations. VDC documentaries provide truthful accounts that engage viewers in meaningful ways and promote improved use of services while enhancing veteran-to-veteran and community engagement.

Cachao: Uno Más

Cachao flyer

DocFilm’s first original production, this film paid tribute to the life and music of one of the greatest Afro-Cuban musicians of all time, Israel “Cachao” López. This 83-minute documentary, shot primarily in San Francisco, was produced by Andy Garcia, Tom Luddy and Stephen Ujlaki. Professional filmmakers, working with Cinema students, made the film. It launched at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2008 and later screened at several prestigious international festivals in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia. In fall 2010 the film premiered on the Emmy Award-winning show American Masters on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Cachao: Uno Más episode on PBS American Masters.

Chang Dai-chien

Chang Dai Chaien

This 23-minute film pays tribute to the Chinese master painter, Chang Dai-chien, who is among the most widely acclaimed painters of the 20th century. The artist left China in the late 1940s and relocated to the West in the early 1950s. Chang Dai-chien lived in Brazil for roughly fifteen years before moving to California in the mid-1960s. This film was produced by the eminent Chinese art historian Michael Sullivan in 1967 and has never been seen previously. SF State acquired the film from Professor Sullivan, and we have created a unique film that shows his process of creating a masterpiece. This is the only existing footage of this painter, who is now called the “Picasso of China.”