DocFilm Forum

Ongoing dialogues that investigate the urgent issues of our time by bringing together experts in the field of Documentary, alongside Social Justice Leaders, NGO Directors, Writers and Policy Makers. Forums are held in front of a live audience and taped for broadcast and sharing at later dates.

Barbara Hammer & Cheryl Dunye

We were honored to have Barbara Hammer sit down with SF State Professor Cheryl Dunye for this extended discussion on their films, process and all of the personal that goes into their work. This discussion was part of the Masterclass Barbara conducted with a group of SF State School of Cinema students.

"Desert Migration"

In advance of "Desert Migration’s" North American broadcast premiere, Producer Marc Smolowitz sat down with activists Tez Anderson and Vincent Crisostomo for a discussion on themes within the film and those important to the HIV and AIDS survivor community.

"Peace Officer"

SF State M.F.A. Alums Scott Christpherson (Co-Director) and Reny McCauley (Editor) visited the School of Cinema and shared their film "Peace Officer" with a public screening. Co-Director, Brad Barber retired LAPD Station Commander John Mutz and Activist Barbara Attard joined them for a discussion led by School of Cinema Chair Britta Sjogren. The hour long discussion explored issues of police tactics in a modern age, and the consequences police militarization.