CAAM Documentary Fund Article on "The Dawn is Too Far"

Author: DocFilm
October 28, 2020
The Dawn is Too Far Still with Persis Karim and Soumyaa Behrens
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We are excited to announce that CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) will be supporting our upcoming film, in collaboration with the Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies, "The Dawn is Too Far" (previously known as "We Are Here") through the CAAM Documentary Fund.

Here is an excerpt from "CAAM is Supporting Four New Documentary Films in the Second Half of 2020" which describes our upcoming project.

"This 56-minute documentary explores the history, experiences, and impact of five waves of Iranian-American immigration to the Bay Area and the ways that they have forged a community in the long shadow cast by the tense relationship between the US and Iran since 1979. The Dawn Is Too Far sheds light on this complex Iranian diaspora community in Northern California and speaks to the larger historical ruptures and personal traumas that have occluded a more nuanced and comprehensive story about Iranians in the United States. (Recipient of CAAM Documentary Fund)."


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